Saturday, September 13, 2014

School Bus Pick Ups


I received a few calls related to bus pick ups this week and I this is the best place to discuss.

It sounds like parents are blocking the corners with their cars while waiting to drop off or pick up the kids. This is causing a blind spot for residents trying to turn out onto Timbercrest Drive.

When it comes to children + cars + buses - lets all try to use some common sense when it comes to the corners. We don't want to have an accident near or with kids around. I have heard some stories about bus stop altercations over the last few years (between residents, not the kids). Let's all chill out - no need to be getting into fights in front of the little guys (and gals).

This also brings up another point: slow down coming in and out of the development [Before anyone mentions it, we can't do speed bumps, township won't let us]. Just good common sense.

Also a few residents with hardscaping (aka rocks) noticed that kids are taking stones to throw. Again - not the neighborhood police here, but... somebody is going lose an eye or something: