Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Timbercrest Board Position Descriptions

Timbercrest Homeowners Association
Board Roles and Responsibilities


  • Oversees all projects related to the community
  • Manages all suppliers and vendors that perform services for the community
  • Engages Mantua Township on community related affairs
  • Responsible for financial oversight, documentation, and reporting
  • Active communication with residents and focused on building a community

Candidate should have a background in business management/finance, comfortable with public speaking, and knowledgeable in computer technology.


  • Must be willing and able to perform all duties of the President
  • Will assist or run projects as well (especially if multiple projects are occurring at the same time)
  • Official note taker during all association functions
  • Acts as a check-point, auditor, and data backup for all records

Candidate should have a background in business management/finance, comfortable with public speaking, and knowledgeable in computer technology.

Director of Communications

  • Formerly the role of Secretary
  • Manages the delivery of communications to residents within the community (mail, electronic, flyers)
  • Responsible for various online communications and interactions

Candidate must have excellent computer skills in order to type (with proper formatting) notes and communications to residents as well as uploading content to our community web portals. Candidate should also feel comfortable with editing and possess above average writing skills.

Director of Community Affairs

  • Keeps accurate records of residents (especially those coming and going)
  • Manages the yard sales and any potential social events within the community
  • Develops an engagement strategy to increase community participation
  • Assists with communication campaigns

Candidate should feel comfortable using social media and interacting with neighbors. Candidate should have excellent communication skills as well as solid computer skills. A background in PR or social media management would be appreciated (but not required).

Director of Real Estate Transactions

  • Responds to various real estate requests that go beyond the community’s self-service real estate site.
  • Will need to check community records to validate residents are current on their dues for refi/closings
  • Update the real estate website with new information to ensure self-service section is effective.
  • Works with Community Affairs Director to ensure resident records are accurate.

Candidate should be someone who is comfortable checking email and voicemail daily and responding to demands for information. Someone with a real estate background is preferred but not required.

Home Owners Association Internship (2 positions)

  • Assist HOA directors in publishing communications to the websites
  • Assist HOA directors with social affairs and gatherings

This position would be for children ages 12-16 that live in the community. Candidates will learn several skills such as blogging, web site management, drafting professional communications, and social planning. It would also be good for the board to hear about issues and ideas from their perspective.

If you would like to run for one of these positions, please sign up at our website (or call the community phone number).