Sunday, July 15, 2012

Social Media Terms of Use

As our neighborhood continues to evolve and utilize new technologies, a need has also been identified to develop basic guidelines for community use.

Before getting into our own community guidelines, I recommend that your read the terms of use from our two current social media outlets:
Remember that both Facebook and Nextdoor are private networks and are subject to outside regulation and changes.

Community Terms of Use
Note: These terms are a work in progress and are subject to change as we all learn to interact with each other electronically.

Timbercrest residents who choose to use the social media sites will adhere to the following guidelines. Posts that do not follow the guidelines will be removed by the designated moderators.
  1. Residents will not make negative comments about other residents on either site.
  2. Residents will not make negative comments about someone's home on either site.
  3. Residents will not reveal personal information about another community member on either site.
  4. Residents will not make comments that are off-topic in a given thread (If you want to bring up another subject, please start a new thread).
  5. Residents will not belabor a point they have been making via several posts.
  6. Moderators reserve the right to remove topics or comments that are turning the social site negative or hostile.

We hope that you find these guidelines fair and easy to accept. Participation in the community's social media sites are not mandatory and if the guidelines are not acceptable to individuals living in the community, said resident is encouraged to opt-out (or de-friend us). That being said, it is our goal to have as many residents as possible using the sites regularly to improve community engagement and communication.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playground Voting Results

The Timbercrest community was asked to vote on having a playground installed in the community. This vote was a preliminary vote to determine if we should move forward with requesting more estimates, engaging Mantua township for zoning regulations, etc after rough estimates valued the project between $30,000 - $40,000.

78% of the community voted no, striking this project request down.

Regarding the voting, I just wanted to share these facts:
  • In total, 43% of the community voted on this project.
  • The last community vote, which had a mail flyer hand delivered to each home associated with it, only had 26% of the community actually vote.

I want to thank the residents who requested this project for having an interest in improving the community and for being involved. Please don't be discouraged. I also want to thank every member of the community who voted without issue for giving community leadership insight into the overall opinion of the community allowing us to make an informed decision about the future of this project.

In the coming months, as more projects are suggested and sent out for vote, please remain engaged and allow us to have an active dialog with the residents. Encourage your neighbors to join the ongoing discussions via the following tools:
  1. Our Community Social Media Site: Nextdoor Timbercrest
  2. Please keep your information (especially email) up to date via our Resident Registration Form

Additional Background Information:

Here is some of the data I included on the voting form, I wanted to keep it here as well:
  • Insurance fees will NOT go up due to the playground.
  • Landscaping fees WILL go up, but the price has yet to be determined (based on final layout and mulching requirements).
  • Even if the community votes yes, the final plan needs to be presented to Mantua Township and approved by a special zoning comittee.
  • Will there be a dues increase?
    In the short term? No - the decision to move forward with the playground is not directly tied to an immediate dues increase. BUT consider the following...
  • The playground will consume about 1/3 of available association funds.
  • The community raises about $26,000 per year in dues. Our current expenses are about $24,500 per year.
  • It would take 26 years to recover the costs of the playground at our current fee structure.