Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Correction: Physical Dues Letter

Image Credit: plusonbury

Hi Neighbors:

Sorry for sending two emails in one day, one of the residents caught a couple of mistakes on the dues letter. So we want to clarify:

1. The dues collection is for the 2011 year, not 2010.
2. The meeting minutes referencing snow penalties was mistakenly sent out - those were internal notes that required follow-up. Since that was written, here is what we found out:
“The removal of snow shall be the responsibility of each owner at his own cost and expense. This includes any sidewalks along the frontage of a lot.” This is a township issue. The township has jurisdiction over this area. The HOA will not issue penalties, but will in fact notify the township should there be an issue.
So the association will not be fining anyone for snow removal, however failure to do so will cause the township to become involved.

Also to save everyone from getting another email, we are trying out (beta testing if you will) a method of dealing with car parked incorrectly, specifically in front of mailboxes. If you see a car blocking the mailboxes during mail delivery hours, visit this link to report the car:

Again sorry for the mistakes.

- Timbercrest Board