Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meeting Minutes (Nov. 18th)

The link will take you to the meeting minutes for the Community Meeting last week. It is already published on the website (documents section).

Community Meeting Minutes: 11.18.2010

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Summary of lot issues behind development

NOTE: I am consolidating any information we posted about usage of the lots behind the neighborhood, so we don't lose the record:

UPDATE: 4.23.2009

At the HOA meeting on 4.21.2009 a resident inquired about the status of the lots. We called the township to get an update:
  • Right now nothing is planned and nothing is moving forward.
  • The land is currently owned by a quarry and has been for 50 years, if you have seen activity back there, that is why.
  • The quarry owners are thinking about selling as the land is almost tapped out.
  • The state requires a certain percentage of houses to be priced as "affordable housing" - Currently, Mantua is required to have 400, but it is being fought.
  • Mantua is required by the state to submit potential plans every 2-3 years or the state will develop and enforce one. The land behind the Lowes was suggested, that is all.
  • In regards to having a house in the neighborhood re-purposed to make an access road, I was told it was highly unlikely as a bridge would have to be created in the back.
Thats about it. Please feel free to ask more questions.

UPDATE: November 25th, 2008

A look at the lots:

Snow Removal

Quick Facts Regarding Snow Removal:
Please read the Deed Restrictions: Every resident is responsible for snow removal including the sidewalks
If you have comments regarding Mantua's snow removal service - you can call Public Works:

TIMBERCREST Snow Removal Special
Signature Hard Scaping
(609) 352-0899
$50.00 Driveway Shoveling
NOTE: We negotiated a discount rate for Timbercrest owners with this note being on the site.

Finally Updating the blog!

Hi Neighbors,

Thanks to some technology changes, I think we can finally leverage the blog the way I had always hoped/intended. I am going to remove the announcements section of the website and formally replace it with the blog and we will see more updates that will feed to facebook and twitter.

Fingers crossed that this experiment works.

I am going to transfer anything in announcements over to the blog....