Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Having my Deck Replaced

Hi everyone!
As most of my immediate neighbors know, I recently had my deck replaced. This was something I was not looking forward to doing, but it was getting so bad (especially the stairs), that something had to be done. I was debating on having someone shore it up and give it a good cleaning, but honestly that would have bought me a year or two so I opted to get the whole thing replaced.

Being a middle house in a townhome community, getting things done in your backyard is easier said than done (as I am sure most of you know). So I started making phone calls. I started in the summer and to summarize: nobody wanted to do the work because of the additional manual labor of bringing the materials around a very small pathway. I waited until the winter and started making calls again. I had several vendors out and eventually decided on CK Construction. They didn't charge a crazy fee to get the old deck out and the new materials in and frankly the account rep Dennis was nicer and had more knowledge about the products he used. CK also had a very competitive price (they weren't the cheapest, but I viewed them as the best solution).

CK Construction
4 N Hood Ave
Audubon, NJ 08106
(856) 672-9293
CK Construction

So once the contracts were signed, we had to get permits from the Mantua Township Construction Office (Link). I had to meet with the zoning offer Ted to work out the logistics of where the deck was going to be set vs. the laws (which had recently changed, and thankfully in my favor). Once the permits were signed, it was on to construction. I also want to thank my neighbors at 12 and 16 (I am not going to put the street down for security reasons), for being okay with the workers going on their property to get to the back.

It took the guys 6 business days to get the old deck out and new deck in. The men on site were complete professionals (and on a side note had excellent tips for Xbox360 games). I wanted to share this information with my neighbors because I had a heck of a time getting a contractor to even do the job let alone give me a fair price, and CK Construction did both. And in case you are wondering, no I am not getting a kick-back for putting this up :-)

Pictures of the old deck:

Pictures of the New Deck:

Check back next week for story of the paver patio!
- Joey