Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi everyone!

My name is Joey and I am the Timbercrest website developer in addition to currently being the HOA Director. In an effort to get more traffic and usage to the site and to keep up with my writing hobby, I am starting a blog on the website.

Since I purchased my home in Timbercrest in November 2007, I had to get all sorts of work done like I am sure you all have, so I figured I would share some of those experiences so you may be saved some time and effort. If I find out interesting information or a good vendor, I will happily share it here.

If you don't like this little experiment, let me know that too, and I will just keep plugging away on my other projects. Before I forget... if you know someone in the neighborhood that has an interesting hobby (and you think they wouldn't mind spending a few minutes talking to me) let me know, I would love to do some features about people in the 'hood.

That's all for now, but definitely more to come.

- Joey